Giới Thiệu về nhân vật Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki:

Isshin Kurosaki, formerly known as Isshin Shiba ,[2] is the former captain of the 10th Division, husband of Masaki Kurosaki, father of Ichigo Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki, and Yuzu Kurosaki. Isshin is the former head of a branch of the Shiba Clan and the current head of the Kurosaki Family.[2]

Isshin is a tall, muscular man with spiky black hair and brown eyes. He has thin facial hair around his mouth and on his cheeks. As a doctor, Isshin usually wears a white lab coat over his otherwise more casual shirt and trousers. He has the appearance of a man in forties, as noted by his daughter, Karin.[3]

As a Shinigami, he wears the standard Shinigami Shihakushō, along with a tattered captain’s haori, worn like a sash and fastened over his left shoulder with the Division insignia obscured.[4]

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